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Jacinda_Ardern,_2018Why is New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern so popular, and what would the National Party need to do to beat her?Outlook for the New Zealand election
Boris Johnson has called an early election, but will it solve his problems?
Will the election actually ‘Get Brexit Done?’

China is Australia’s largest trading partner, but it’s not a democracy. What should Australia’s relationship with China be? Securing Australian Interests: Canberra’s Struggle to Redefine its Economic and Strategic Relationship with China



What kind of person is Boris Johnson, and what challenges does he face if he becomes Prime Minister?
The next challenge for Boris

PutinIt’s now five years since Russia annexed the Ukraine.
What will happen next in Ukraine?
Jordan Peterson

Is Jordan Peterson a right wing nutter, a competent psychologist,
or a man who doesn’t communicate as well as he thinks.? A few thoughts about Jordan Peterson

President Poroshenko

Straits: conflict between the Russian and Ukrainian navies.
Why did Russia seize three naval vessels last week?.

Brexit chaos: what happens if… the British parliament rejects the current Brexit deal?

How do we explain why North Korea behaves like a crazy person?  Method to Madness: North Korea and the ‘Madman’ Theory

Wall street graph Ten years after the Global Financial Crisis, what have we learned about banking, prudential oversight, and how should we respond to the next crisis?

The Global Financial Crisis of 2007: the view from Berlin. 

prof_bates_gillIs the US leaving a gap that China will be filling? by Prof Gates Bill.

How the US under Trump is affecting Asia

Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit, and ‘No Deal’ Brexit, what’s it all mean?Brexit explained – a little bit.
Professor Brendan Taylor, of the Australian National University, discusses three possibles scenarios for North Korea after the Kim-Trump summit: war, arms reduction, or back to the status quo.
After the Trump-Kim Summit, how could things develop?
Heather Cox Richardson

Heather Cox Richardson, professor of American political history explains how  The American-led world order is being dismantled. 


Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating on the the USA’s response to the rise of China, and what it means for Australia. The US, Australia and the rise of China.


The world has seen the rise of “strong men” – Trump, Putin and Duterte.   But can they solve a country’s economic problems? The rise of strong men: the case of the Philippines  

map south korea

Dr Rebecca Strating explains,   Why South Korea’s foreign policy should matter to Australia


Could the US ever be invaded? Almost certailny not, but not for the reasons you might first think of.  Could the US ever be invaded?


President Trump has imposed tariffs on imported steel. Will this tactic lead to a solution to the US trade deficit? Can the US trade problems be solved by tariffs?

Emma Hutchinson

Dr Emma Hutchison writes on  an issue often ignored in many academic articles:   Why Study Emotions in International Relations?

Venezuela: Hospitals can’t buy vaccines, students are being shot in the street, and millions are leaving the country.  Venezuela: is there any way out without violence?

What role does “who you know” play in China?

Dr Michael Baron argues that westerners misunderstand a crucial aspect of Chinese Life, thinking that social connections are a form of bribery.  


How is Modern Sea piracy possible? How where and why is it done?  Which organised groups are involved?
The dynamics of modern global sea piracy

India votes against recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and cancells a tank deal.

India’s policy towards Israel and Palestine


Bolstering the navy, and moving miliary hardware.

How is Japan reacting to the rise of China 


Why did it need a postal ballot to fix gay marriage?

Australia’s tortured path towards same sex marriage


India  already has a large Rohinga regugee population, but you  would never know that from western media coverage.

India’s response to the Rohingya crisis


Will the cost of supporting separtists in the Ukraine prove too great?

Russia and Ukraine: can Puti make a clean break?


The Australian constitution forbids MPs having dual nationality. Then why do so many seem to have it?  Australia’s parliament does nothing while citizenship saga drag on 


The secession crisis explained.

What is happening in Catalonia?


How does China compare with the west in Reseach and Development expenditure?

Chia creeping up from behind in the technological race


Should India fear or embrace the rise of China?

Conflict or cooperation: How should India respond to the rise of China?

Jacinda Ardern

Auastralia and New Zealand, allies for a hundred years, a starting to have different national issues on foreign policy.

Close neigbours drift apart on foreign policy


Will Japan renounce its pacifist constitution?

Conflict lies ahead for those wanting to preserve or alter the current “peace clause.”

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is taking some flack for her lack of action.Why is Aung San Suu Kyi playing dead on the Rohingya issue?

Is Boris’ biggest problem Boris